REDwire Polyclean fluidized baths safely and effectively clean pressure transducers

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Process Heaters Inc

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Polyclean fluidized baths are designed to meet the needs of labs and plastic processing facilities.

Process Heaters offers a fast, safe and cost-effective way to clean components used in plastics processing: Polyclean fluidized baths from Dynisco. These baths are designed for polymer production and laboratory facilities that need to effectively clean components, including pressure transducers, without causing damage to critical part specifications and with minimal input from operators.

The Polyclean advantage

When compared to ovens and furnaces, Polyclean fluidized temperature baths can offer faster processing and more uniform and stable heating. They are also superior to molten salt baths in that they are safer and the parts come out clean and dry at the end of the process, with no need for extra steps to remove material. Polyclean baths also feature automated fluidizing air control, over-temperature protection, and rugged construction.

Two sizes

Polyclean baths are available in two sizes. The model 6L has a working volume that is 5.3 inches in diameter and six inches deep (134 millimetres by 152 millimetres). It is ideal for cleaning components such as dies from capillary rheometers and melt flow indexers, small tooling from laboratory extruders and injection moulding machines, and any other small components used in the testing of polymers or production of small parts.

The model 12L has a working diameter of 9.5 inches and working depth of 12 inches (241 millimetres by 305 millimetres). It is well suited to cleaning the tooling from any extrusion, laboratory, blow moulding or injection moulding application. The large basket can accommodate a wide variety of parts from both production and laboratory environments. In addition, this bath is capable of cleaning two pressure sensors at the same time using its sensor support tray.

For more information on Dynisco Polyclean fluidized baths, contact Process Heaters.


Process Heaters Inc

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