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Henkel's Loctite sticks are available in 10 semi-solid stick formulas.

Did you know that Loctite threadlockers, thread sealers, gasketing, retaining and anti-seize formulas are available in enhanced stick technology? Loctite brand sticks have the same trusted performance as their liquid counterparts, but come in a pocket-friendly and easy-to-apply package with no risk of leaks, drips or spills. Available in 10 semi-solid stick formulas, Loctite sticks keep toolboxes, workbenches and hands clean, while giving users the ability to work in overhead areas without the risk of dripping.


Two Loctite sticks are available for medium- and high-strength threadlocking applications. The Loctite 248 threadlocker stick is a medium-strength, general purpose, blue threadlocker ideal for all nut and bolt applications. The Loctite 268 stick is a high-strength, red threadlocker suited for heavy-duty applications.

Thread sealing

The Loctite 561 pipe sealant stick is tested to instantly seal at pressures of 100 psi, and at 10,000 psi when fully cured.


For gasketing applications, the Loctite 548 flange sealant stick is designed to form a flexible, solvent-resistant seal, filling gaps up to 0.010 inches. The Loctite 534 hi-tack gasket dressing stick, on the other hand, allows a precut gasket to be positioned, holding it in place for assembly.

Retaining compound

The Loctite 668 retaining compound stick is for high temperature applications, preventing fretting and corrosion in temperatures up to 204 degrees C (400 degrees F). This until offers shear strength to 1,870 psi after 24 hours on slip-fit assemblies. It is also suited for press- and shrink-fitted parts.


The Loctite 7088 primer stick performs faster than liquid primers, and has the added benefit of being solvent-free.


Henkel offers three stick solutions for anti-seize applications. The Loctite C5-A copper anti-seize stick can withstand temperatures up to 982 degrees C (1,800 degrees F), while the silver grade stick withstands temperatures up to 871 degrees C (1,600 degrees F). The company’s heavy-duty stick, on the other hand, is metal-free and has the capability to withstand temperatures up to 1,315 degrees C (2,400 degrees F).

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