REDwire Pneumatic positioning system offers precision at high speeds and forces

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The S2 system tackles applications requiring fast speeds, high forces and accurate positioning.

Wainbee offers a selection of advanced technologies designed to enable precise control of motion. Its lineup includes Enfield Technologies’ S2 system, an all-in-one pneumatic positioning system capable of tackling high-speed and high-force applications at a fraction of the cost of all-electric actuators. The result: a significant ROI for users.

Key features

This pneumatic positioning system combines a proportional valve with sensors and embedded control electronics to linearly position cylinders and actuators. It enables cylinders and actuators to stop at unlimited mid-stroke positions with positional accuracy of +/- .01 to 1% of full scale (1 mm over 1 metre). It can also follow complex profiles, and can prevent them from slamming at the end of a stroke. In fact, this unit can achieve speeds up to two metres a second while slowing the cylinder to a smooth controlled stop, preventing premature cylinder wear and damage. In addition, the S2 can handle 50-plus kilogram masses, and is capable of 0.5 metres a second across a selection of cylinders. It is easy to tune, simple to setup and wire, consumes minimal air, and features a wide range of input pressures. The S2’s ability to handle heavy loads while quickly and accurately following a changing input signal makes it the ideal choice for machine designers.

Ideal applications

The S2 system tackles applications requiring fast speeds, high forces and accurate positioning. It is ideally suited for line and hopper feed rate, edge guide positioning and pick-and-place applications, as well as gripper position control, quality control sorting, component placement, material processing and more. It is compatible with double acting non-repairable cylinders, tie rod cylinders, grippers and end effectors, and more, enabling precise position control in nearly any application.

Additional details

Enfield Technologies’ S2 pneumatic positioning system is available in Canada from Wainbee as part of its position control portfolio. The industrial distributor is one of Canada's leading providers of technical and supply chain solutions for automation and control.

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