REDwire Pneumatic nutrunners are ergonomic, robust and highly accurate

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Dobco Equipment carries the CP66 Series of pneumatic nutrunners.

Chicago Pneumatic’s CP66 Series of pneumatic nutrunners is available in Canada from Dobco Equipment. The robust and highly accurate units have many features which make them a top choice for any application that calls for the efficient tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts.

Key features and advantages

There are many benefits to using the CP66 family of nutrunners.

  • They’re ergonomic. These units have one of the smallest gearboxes of any pneumatic nutrunner on the market, contributing to their lightweight and ergonomic design. A special grip that enables one-finger reverse mode, and a swivelling handle, also help make this series an ergonomic choice. In addition, the units’ SLW (strong low weight) reaction arm means there is less strain on operators.
  • They’re accurate. CP66 nutrunners offer high tightening accuracy of +/-5 per cent, and enable high air pressure adjustment with a digital gauge (the Air Torque Control FRL PACK). The industrial calibrated digital gauge enables extremely precise pressure setup and pressure drop display.
  • They’re robust. The units feature a protective cover with integrated bumper, and a reliable gearbox that runs 13,000 cycles before maintenance is required. In addition, the nutrunners offer continuous rotation for heavy-duty fastening, and feature a vane-type high-performance impact wrench air motor.

Multiple models available

To ensure the needs of each application are met, the CP66 family consists of three models (CP6613, CP6626 and CP6641) that offer different speeds, sound pressure levels and torques, and that work with different bolt sizes. They each meet noise and vibration emissions according to ISO 28927-2 and ISO 15744.

Various accessories are also available, including a sliding drive, a steel space bar, a square bracket and a suspension yoke. 

To learn more about the CP66 family of pneumatic nutrunners from Chicago Pneumatic, contact Dobco Equipment


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