REDwire Pneumatic breaker offers innovative design and major savings

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RTEX pneumatic breakers use 50 per cent less air than conventional breakers, and are 25 per cent lighter.

Atlas Copco’s breaking equipment is known for being highly efficient and ergonomic — a reputation the company has maintained for 60 years. Its new RTEX pneumatic breakers are no exception. They use 50 per cent less air than conventional breakers, and are 25 per cent lighter.

Increased efficiencies

Though RTEX is lighter than conventional breakers, it has more breaking power. Its unique piston design doubles the interaction time compared to ordinary breakers, enabling it to match the power of a much heavier breaker. In addition, the efficient stroke mechanism significantly lowers energy consumption. For example, comparable units use anywhere from 29 to 34 litres of air per second. RTEX, however, uses only 18 litres per second, offering major fuel savings.

Superior ergonomics

RTEX is designed to help reduce vibration for the user at the source, with no additional anti-vibration systems needed. It features stiff handles, which give the user full control over the machine. But its efficient stroke mechanism with a constant pressure chamber, and the unit’s air cushions, mean that users will experience very low vibration. In addition, its smaller size means it’s easier to carry and, therefore, easier on the user’s back.

Additional features and benefits

Each breaker features the SOFSTART system, which helps users slowly release the energy of the breaker as it’s needed. It gives them perfect control when making crucial first cuts.

In addition, the unit’s power chisel is specially designed to maximize the power from the piston to the ground. It’s also lighter than a conventional chisel, which makes handling easier. Its concave design facilitates the transport of broken material, which increases effectiveness and reduces the risk of jamming.

Thanks to this unit’s many features, it will experience less wear and require fewer replacement parts. What this adds up to is increased productivity and savings.


RTEX pneumatic breakers are available in Canada from Dobco Equipment, a leading authority and supplier of pneumatic tools and equipment. To learn more, contact Dobco Equipment.


Dobco Equipment Ltd.

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