REDwire Plug and play: find the right plastic plug for your application type

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Plug into the basics of four common kinds of plastic plugs that put a stop to leaks, corrosion, dust or unwanted particles inside your industrial application.

When you need to put a plug in it, select the proper plug to safeguard your industrial application.

Plug into the basics of four common kinds of plastic plugs, putting a stop to leaks, corrosion, dust or unwanted particles on the inside.

Polyethylene puts the “Poly” in Poly-Plugs

Doubling as both a cap and a plug, Poly-Plugs are made from low-density polyethylene finished with a tapered style.

Thermoplastic rubber designs are available in a wide range of sizes specifically designed for high heat applications up to 132°C or 275°F.

Top choice for economical and application benefits for projects with cylindrical openings, standard size or unified pipe threads, valves and tubing to keep contaminate out and sealing in.

For applications needing efficient packaging, put a ring on it

Pull-ring plugs include built-in lift rings for quick and easy mounting and detaching. The added bonus of the built-in ring design is the reduced chance of product damage since the ring lies flush, maximizing the overall space for proper packaging.

The smooth and tapered polyethylene style allows for seamless product protection with service temperatures of 66°C (150°F).

Thin is in for sheet metal plugs

Sheet metal plugs are the go-to plugs for appliances, automobiles, hot water tanks and rust proofing applications requiring a fixed plug for thinner material types.

Snap it and forget it because sheet metal plugs are configured to stay put and not go loose because of the embedded retaining beads. Available in flush or recessed styles, these plugs operate in temperatures of up to 66°C or 150°F.

Silicone is a superstar for sweltering applications

Specially designed SLP and SLLP Series silicone plugs have the seal of approval for high heat masking product protection.

Capable to withstand service temperatures reaching 316°C or 600°F, the SLP series are engineered to fit and function inside threaded ports or diameters during chrome plating, E-coating or powder coating applications.

SLPP series of silicone pull plugs are widely used for those snug and secure “through-hole” applications, which involve parts to be pulled through tight tolerances of threaded or non-threaded holes.

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