REDwire Plastics processing hose features expert design

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The Flex-Flyte L-9 hose is lightweight, non-kinking and UV and weather resistant.

The Flex-Flyte L-9 hose from Hi-Tech Duravent has been expertly designed for plastics processing applications. The hose has a number of features that make it ideal for conveying hot and dry air used to remove surface moisture from plastic resins. 

Advanced design 

The L-9 hose features durable construction using a two-ply fibreglass fabric coated with silicone rubber both inside and out. A helically wound spring wire is embedded between the two plies. This design ensures long tube life and provides low friction, which results in a smooth air flow. Thanks to the two-ply construction, the L-9 also minimizes heat loss.

The hose is lightweight, non-kinking and UV and weather resistant.

Applications beyond plastics

This hose is typically utilized by manufacturers and end-users of drying equipment in the plastics processing industry. However, the Flex-Flyte L-9 is also suitable for a wide range of applications in other markets.

Some of the potential uses include removal of dust, exhaust or chemical fumes. It is used in such diverse industries as automotive, paper mills, plating equipment and furnace cleaning. 

High-Tech Duravent can help customers with any inquiries about possible uses, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss specific applications. 

Specifications on the L-9

The Flex-Flyte L-9 is available in sizes ranging from 3/4 to 12 inches inside diameter and 12 feet in length. It is rated for continuous use in temperatures ranging from -59 to 260 degrees C (-75 to 500 degrees F), and can withstand intermittent temperatures of over 315 degrees C (600 degrees F).

Hi-Tech Duravent offers the most complete product line of hose and ducting in the industry. The company uses advanced raw materials and technology to offer customers the best hoses available. 

Contact Hi-Tech Duravent to find out more about the company’s wide selection of expertly designed products.


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