REDwire Plastic fasteners offer many advantages and options

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Micro Plastics offers everything from thumb screws to fastener kits.

Plastic components offer a number of advantages, including flexibility, non-conductivity and a high strength-to-weight ratio. These benefits are available to customers who purchase Micro Plastics plastic fasteners. Its wide selection of fasteners are moulded from tough, corrosion-resistant materials such as nylon 6/6. 

Plastic fastener offering

Micro Plastics manufactures a wide range of fasteners. The company's catalogue includes more than 10,000 items. Some examples include nuts, screws, washers, spacers, bushings, cable ties, hose clamps, hole plugs, wire handling clips and circuit board hardware.

The selection of nuts available includes wing, flange, jam, thumb, cap and locking types. They range from nuts with special capabilities such as self-threading lock nuts, to those with esthetic designs such as clear decorative wing nuts.

Micro Plastics also offers a range of innovative fastener designs, such as stackable snap-in standoffs. These standoffs will snap into printed circuit boards and maintain spacing when screws are removed. They offer a number of features. For instance, they are stackable, self-aligning and self-retaining. As a result, these standoffs are ideal for providing screw insulation in multi-level applications. 

The manufacturer also provides fastener assortment kits that are ideal for prototype work, product design, model making and maintenance applications. They offer large working assortments with a convenient selection, including the latest fastener designs. These kits are supplied in large, reusable storage boxes made from transparent plastic.

Top quality fasteners

Micro Plastics has been providing quality plastic fasteners for more than 50 years. The company accurately moulds parts to tolerances that meet Industrial Fasteners Institute Standards. 

Its plastic fasteners are available in Canada from Gould Fasteners, a full-service distributor based in Mississauga, Ont.  

For more information, contact Gould Fasteners.


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