REDwire Plasma cutting machines offer power and flexibility

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Lincoln Electric’s Tomahawk Series of cutters is available in several models to suit a range of applications.

Lincoln Electric manufactures a range of plasma cutters to meet the varying needs of its customers, whether they require a portable solution or a heavy-duty one. The company’s Tomahawk Series of cutters has earned a reputation for reliability, and is available in several models to suit a range of applications.

Tomahawk 1000

The Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutting system is portable enough to use on the jobsite, and rugged enough to use on up to one-inch material in a production environment. The user simply hooks the system up to compressed air, grabs the torch and starts cutting. Ideal for use with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, this cutter has many features that make it both powerful and reliable. For example, it employs PowerConnect Technology, enabling it to automatically sense and adjust to input power up to 600 volts, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 hertz, and offers continuous output control throughout the entire input voltage range. In addition, the cutter features the Touch Start System, which provides a reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency, while the front panel purge control feature makes it easy to set the air flow rate without initiating the plasma arc. Another feature: the unit’s Parts-in-Place system detects the correct installation of both the consumables and the torch, providing added safety.

Tomahawk 1500

The Tomahawk 1500 plasma cutter brings power and flexibility to hand-held torch cutting applications, and offers a clean, fast cut, regardless of whether the user is cutting fine artwork or fabricating steel parts in a production setting. This superior cut quality minimizes the need for grinding, edge preparation and other secondary operations. The heavy-duty, 100-amp unit initiates the plasma arc with a simple yet reliable touch-start mechanism that eliminates many of the failure problems associated with high-frequency start systems. In addition, the unit’s control system has a Parts-in-Place feature, which ensures that the consumables are in place before the cutting process can be initiated. The Tomahawk 1500 comes standard with an air regulator, pressure gauge, hand-held torch and consumable starter kit, enabling users to get started right out of the box. An added bonus: it is rugged enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Lincoln Electric (Canada)

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