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ESS in-plant offices enable companies to create an ideal office space within the plant that is free from disruptions.

Excess Space Solutions (ESS) offers a range of prefabricated buildings, such as in-plant offices. The company can provide modular building solutions with endless possibilities for designs and configurations. 

ESS often provides production offices for use in a variety of plants. For offices in noisy plant environments, the company offers wall panels that are fully insulated for temperature and sound control. This has enabled many customers to create an ideal office space within the plant that is free from disruptions.

And when customers have unique challenges or specialized requirements, ESS will do whatever it takes to meet their needs. Here are just a few examples of the many success stories from ESS’s past in-plant office projects.

  • ESS has provided a variety structures used for shipping and receiving offices. One client desired a 10-foot by 12-foot shipping office. In this case, ESS incorporated two existing factory walls in the design, and provided complete installation of all the electrical components, suspended ceiling system, wall system and floor tile. 
  • Another client needed a freestanding shipping and receiving office spanning 15 by 60 feet.
  • When a client required a pre-fabricated in-plant office measuring 18 by 18 feet, ESS designed a split-type unit to meet customer needs. This design provided two advantages. First, it made shipping the building more economical. Secondly, it made the building easier to manoeuvre within the client’s manufacturing plant. 

ESS specializes in custom designs and will assist customers in developing the best layout to suit their specific needs. For more information on how ESS helps customers make the most of their space, contact Excess Space Solutions.


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