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Arc-Fil, a North American leader in strip and wire forming, has been building relationships with its customers since 1979.

Arc-Fil, a North American leader in strip and wire forming, has been building relationships with its customers since 1979 — a responsibility and privilege the Montreal, Que.-based company takes very seriously.

“At Arc-Fil, we concentrate on creating accurate and customized products that meet or exceed our clients' needs. We also build and maintain long-lasting relationships with every one of them,” the company says. “Our way of working draws on four principles: integrity, trust, teamwork and continuous improvement. We call this ‘the Arc-Fil way’, and it is at the heart of everything we do.”

1. Trust: Arc-Fil ensures its relationship with each client is based on trust by keeping in touch with clients during the entire creation process and providing prototypes to ensure a common understanding of the projects. The company also outlines every possible cost savings and product improvements to help customers optimize their own production processes.

2. Integrity: Arc-Fil cautiously chooses materials to maximize product quality and cost savings. The company invests every effort needed to provide clients with the best possible value.

3. Teamwork: At Arc-Fil, everyone works together to come up with the best possible products. The company makes sure that customer service, product design, material procurement, crafting, production and shipping all work together to preserve and optimize the specific criteria of every order. Not only does the company work as a team, but it integrates clients in the process, too. 

4. Continuous improvement: As available technologies and crafting knowledge improve, Arc-Fil makes sure its team keeps at the forefront of recent industry developments. The company invests in training its people, and provides those skilled and specialized craftsmen with the latest machinery available to help them produce accurate steel wire frames on every job.       

“Our dedicated team and customer-oriented business approach are key factors that greatly contribute to our achievements,” the company says, adding that its reputation depends on customer satisfaction and success.

For more details about its values, products, services and capabilities, contact Arc-Fil.


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