REDwire Piezoelectric load cells offer reliable measurement in industrial applications

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PACEline piezoelectric load cells from HBM are available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments carries a wide selection of piezoelectric load cells from HBM, a leading manufacturer of test and measurement instruments. This large lineup of force and strain measurement products ensures that the company has the appropriate solution to meet customer needs.

Force transducers

Durham Instruments’ lineup of load cells includes PACEline CFT piezoelectric force transducers, available with measuring ranges from five to 120 kN. These compact transducers provide reliable, integrated force measurement in applications where space is a constraint. For example, they are suitable for monitoring highly dynamic press-fit and assembly processes with fast force variations.

Force washers

The PACEline family also includes CFW piezoelectric force washers, designed to ensure reliable results in assembly and testing. Thanks to their compact design, CFW force washers can be used in many different applications, even those in adverse industrial environments. They offer efficient plug protection, enhanced linearity compared to conventional force washers, automatic centering of the sensor and perfect test results. These units are available with nominal (rated) forces of 50 and 140 kN.

Low-profile washers, as well as washers suitable for a wide range of temperatures, are also available.

Charge amplifiers

The PACEline CMA charge amplifier transfers the many benefits of TEDS technology to the world of piezoelectric force measurement, enabling automatic sensor identification for increased efficiency and reliability of measurement processes. The units are available in a wide measuring range, from 1,000 to five million picocoulombs (pC). This wide selection enables users to select the amplifier that matches the sensors' measuring range.

The CMD digital charge amplifier also offers full TEDS functionality for automatic sensor identification. Ideal for measuring very small forces, this amplifier offers a measurement frequency range of up to 30 kHz. It is easy to use, reliable, and can work with both HBM transducers and data acquisition systems, as well as third-party products.

To learn more about HBM’s piezoelectric load cells, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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