REDwire Piezoelectric-based accelerometers available in compact, high-performing and high-temp models

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Durham Instruments carries a wide selection of piezoelectric-based accelerometers from Measurement Specialties.

Durham Instruments’ lineup of measuring instrumentation includes a wide selection of piezoelectric-based accelerometers from Measurement Specialties. The many sizes, styles and types available ensure that there is an instrument to suit each customer’s exact needs.

Miniature model

The lineup includes Model 7132AHT, a miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometer. Available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic ranges, this unit features a hermetically sealed titanium construction with a four-pin Microtech connector interface, and incorporates stable piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode. With an operating temperature range of -55 to 163 degrees C, Model 7132AHT is suitable for use in vibration and shock monitoring applications, laboratory testing, high-temperature testing and many other applications.

High-performance model

Model 7120A is a high-performance IEPE accelerometer designed for modal applications. It is available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic ranges, offers a flat frequency response to >6kHz, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -55 to 100 degrees C. Model 7120A is designed for adhesive mounting and features a hermetic welded Titanium construction with a side-mount connector.

High-temperature model

Model 7504A is a stud-mounted piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer designed for high-frequency and high-temperature applications up to 260 degrees C. The unit can handle high-frequency vibration and shock measurements, offering a wide bandwidth to >10kHz and a nominal charge output of 5.6pC/g.

Internally shielded model

The Model 8011-06 is an internally shielded piezo velocity transducer designed for condition monitoring of low frequency rotating machinery, paper mills, motors, pumps and more. The transducer is available in ranges from 10 to 50 in/sec, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -50 to 120 degrees C. The unit is hermetically sealed and can be stud mounted.

Additional details

This is just a handful of the many miniature, internally shielded, high-performing and high-temperature models available. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments


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