REDwire PID temperature controllers can be customized to the user’s exact needs

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PID temperature controllers from Gefran are designed to adapt to the customer’s application.

Wainbee carries highly customizable PID temperature controllers from Gefran. The units available are designed to adapt to the customer’s application and integrate perfectly with the look of the machine interface. This key advantage, combined with many advanced functions, is quickly making Gefran PID temperature controllers a top choice for a wide range of applications in the plastics, packaging and food processing sectors, as well as many more industries.

Everything is customizable

These controllers feature a flex-view display, which enables each unit’s faceplate colour, display, operator messages, logo and use of the bar graph (in models 1250 and 1350) to be customized. For example, the customer can decide if they want their logo, part number, machine name or anything they choose on the faceplate. In addition, the controllers have 300 preconfigured messages, and the user can add up to 25 custom process messages, such as “high temperature” and “sensor broken”.

Easy to set up and use

These controllers can be configured from a keyboard in just seven simple steps; however, they can also be configured from a PC with the company’s free downloadable GF_eXpress configurator software, and from the Zapper portable configurator. In addition, each unit’s temperature profiles can be set in 12 steps, grouped and saved in four programs with trigger inputs and programmable event outputs. For example, outputs can be programmed to indicate when the actuators (relay, ssr, IR lamps) are close to the lifetime limits and maintenance is needed. Another key feature that contributes to the controller’s ease of use is its energy monitor function, which monitors the electrical consumption of the process and signals any faults. In addition, the green LEDs corresponding to the four mechanical keys on the controllers make these devices very intuitive. This feature visually indicates the key pressed, and guides the user to the key to press.

Additional details

To learn more about the models available and their many best-in-class features, contact Wainbee


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