REDwire Petrolatum tape system offers long-term cooling tower corrosion prevention

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Denso petrolatum tape systems have prevented corrosion in many demanding applications.

Constant temperature changes, with a mix of wet and dry cycles, are often the culprits behind cooling tower corrosion. But Denso has a simple solution. Its petrolatum tape systems provide protection for cooling tower piping, conduit, electrical boxes, hangers, valves, flanges and sprinkler systems with minimum surface preparation required. This effective system has prevented corrosion in many demanding applications.

Case in point

When Hines, a large real estate developer, purchased the rights to the Wedge Tower in Houston, Texas, it had to rebuild the cooling tower and replace the piping due to corrosion. The company turned to Denso because of the reputation its Denso Petrolatum Tape System has earned when it comes to providing long-term corrosion protection on piping, valves, flanges and more. After a short on-site training session with a Denso representative, the contractor, MFR Fluid & Air, was able to install the Denso Petrolatum Tape System quickly and easily. The company simply prepared the surface, applied a thin layer of Denso Paste S105, followed by Densyl Tape with a 55 per cent overlap, and a protective layer of HDPE Outerwrap with SmartBand Strapping. For irregular areas such as flanges and valves, the Denso Profiling Mastic was also applied to provide a smooth profile, and then top coated with the Denso Weathershield 15 in place of the HDPE Outerwrap. The developer and contractor are both confident the life of the cooling tower piping will be extended while preventing corrosion for many years to come.

History of success

Denso’s petrolatum tapes have been around for 80-plus years, and are known for their high performance, easy application and long-term success. There are many examples of the tape’s success in preventing corrosion in challenging cooling tower applications.

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