REDwire Permabond engineering adhesive offers strength and ease of use

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Permabond ES558 comes in a convenient 320-millilitre cartridge, which fits in a regular caulking gun.

Permabond ES558 is a single-part epoxy adhesive ideal for bonding and sealing metal components. The adhesive can be used in place of welding or brazing joints to simplify production lines and reduce the hazards associated with labour-intensive welding processes. The result is a strong bond that is easy to apply and aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent strength

Permabond ES558 is cured by oven, infrared or induction heating. When heated for curing, the adhesive flows like solder and wicks into small gaps where it will cure, forming a high strength, durable bond and a 100 per cent seal between components. In addition, ES558 is rubber toughened, which gives it a high peel and shear strength and good impact resistance, as well as better stress distribution. Plus, it can go through a paint bake oven cycle and withstand solder reflow processing thanks to its excellent thermal resistance. ES558 also offers resistance to vibration and chemicals.

This strength makes the Permabond adhesive ideal for use on a wide range of materials. It is particularly suited for bonding aluminum, like sealing heat exchanger tubes, for example. Other suitable materials include steel, copper and most other metals, tungsten carbide, magnets, ferrites, ceramic materials, some plastics and composite materials. 

Easy to use

When using Permabond ES558, no mixing or measuring is required. It comes in a convenient 320-millilitre cartridge, which fits in a regular caulking gun. (It is also available in bulk.) The adhesive comes with a nozzle, which can be cut to an appropriate bead size that will cover the bond area. Apply the adhesive to a clean, dry and grease-free surface, and avoid entrapping air. Once applied, assemble the parts with sufficient pressure to ensure the adhesive spreads to cover the entire bond area. Then use a jig or clamp to prevent parts from moving during heat cure. 

More details

Permabond ES558 is available in Canada from Adheco, a leading provider of adhesive technologies. Adheco recently moved to a new location at 50 Ironside Crescent, Unit 6, in Scarborough, Ont.

To learn more about Permabond ES558 epoxy, contact Adheco


Adheco Ltd.

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