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SVL threading, caps, sealing rings and more are available from Pegasus Glass.

Pegasus Glass can provide SVL brand glassware. SVL products feature threaded joints that make connections simple with purpose-made couplings. This glassware is made from Pyrex borosilicate glass, so it offers excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. That is why it is often used in laboratory applications, as well as lampworking.

SVL glass features

When assembling SVL components, no lubrication of the joints is required. This eliminates the need for greases that can cause contamination. Instead, the components can be easily assembled to create sliding or rigid joints and positive closures.

SVL components have inserts and sealing rings with PTFE facings. This provides maximum chemical resistance. In systems made of SVL glassware, the only thing that comes into contact with the chemicals being used is glass and PTFE, so pathways are always kept free of grease and corrosion. 

SVL products also incorporate heat resistant phenolic plastic for screw caps and couplings, so they can be used in temperatures up to 200 degrees C. In addition, the joints and seals can handle dynamic vacuum conditions, with a typical performance of 10-3 mbar.

Product selection

Some of the SVL products that Pegasus Glass supplies includes glass threads, butt joint couplings, bored caps and a variety of sealing rings. The options for sealing ring materials include silicone, PTFE and silicone with PTFE sheath. Internal thread parts are also available, such as plugs and stirrer bearings.

Pegasus Glass expertise

Pegasus Glass works with a variety of leading brands in the industry, including Simax, Schott Duran, Supremax 33 and more. The company serves a variety of markets, from life sciences and flame working, to industrial gauge equipment and custom lighting. 

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