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Products made from SIMAX glass are smooth, non-porous and transparent.

Pegasus Glass is committed to providing the best quality, most diverse and extensive offering of 3.3 borosilicate glass in the industry. This dedication is why the Cambridge, Ont.-based company works with the brand SIMAX, a low expansion borosilicate glass manufactured by Kavalier, with various engineering, scientific, technical and artistic applications.

A material with many advantages

There are many benefits to working with SIMAX. It is non-flammable, substantially insoluble in water, and exhibits high resistance to thermal shock and a wide variety of chemicals. Because of these advantages, SIMAX is an ideal material for products that require higher temperatures, chemical resistance, product purity, non-permeability and transparency. They are corrosion resistant in operating conditions up to 300 degrees C, as long as there are no sudden changes in temperature. In addition, products made from SIMAX glass are smooth, non-porous and transparent.

High-quality glass

SIMAX borosilicate glass 3.3 products comply with the most current international standards, including ISO 3585, CSN ISO 3585 and ASTM E438 TYPE 1, class A. The glass is manufactured using stringent Quality Management System standards, and has been awarded a TÜV CERT certificate in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2000. 

A variety of applications

Products made from SIMAX tubing, capillary and rod are used in many applications, including laboratory ware and apparatus, as well as piping, pilot scale and production unit operations in chemical plants. The glass is also used in the manufacture of heat exchangers, explosion-proof lamp housings and flow meters, as well as sconces, decorative objects and glasses, and wine goblets. 

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