REDwire Peck feed drill a productive tool for manufacturers

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The HT Peck Feed Drill is available from Dobco Equipment.

Dobco Equipment is proud to offer the HT Peck Feed Drill from Recoules Quackenbush. This advanced piece of drilling equipment is part of Dobco’s comprehensive portfolio of high-quality power tools from leading manufacturers.

Peck feed drill capabilities

The HT Peck Feed Drill feeds short distances at a time, then retracts to allow heat to dissipate and chips to clear, before advancing once again, and continuing this process until it has pecked to the full depth. The result is that this drill produces high-quality holes and, thanks to its heat reduction capabilities, is also highly productive in manufacturing environments that don’t allow any type of lubrication or coolant.

This peck feed drill also offers an adjustable, controlled feed rate, adjustable peck rate, depth control and rapid advance. It features one button start and a fully automatic cycle, and can eliminate reaming operations because it drills materials dry while maintaining acceptable hole quality and long cutter life.

Drill details and options

The HT Peck Feed Drill is available in different models, materials and capacities. The HT3 Series aluminum drill, for example, has a capacity of 32 millimetres (1.25 inches). Meanwhile, the titanium and steel models have a capacity of 25 millimetres (one inch). The HT4 Series, on the other hand, has an aluminum model with a capacity of 13 millimetres (0.5 inches), and titanium and steel models with capacities of 10 millimetres (.375 inches). In addition, many customizable options are available to meet the exact needs of customers.

Optional accessories are also offered to expand the functionality of the peck feed drills. Available accessories include concentric collet attachments, inlet manifolds and spindle adapters, as well as Jacobs chucks, fluid chucks, Taper-Lok reducer bushings and male and female Morse taper adapters.


The HT Peck Feed Drill is available in Canada from Dobco Equipment, a leading supplier of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools. The Mississauga, Ont.-based distributor is proud to offer products from top manufacturers like Recoules Quackenbush.

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