REDwire Parker Instrumentation components available in Canada from Wainbee

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Wainbee carries highly engineered flow control components and systems from Parker Instrumentation.

Wainbee is the largest distributor for Parker in Canada, carrying products from the company’s multiple divisions, including its instrumentation division. Through Parker Instrumentation, customers have access to highly engineered flow control components and systems, from basic compression and pipe fittings, to needle, ball and compact stream switching valves, to modular fitting and valve packages, and more.


Parker’s comprehensive range of instrumentation fittings are manufactured to meet or exceed many industrial specification requirements, including SAE, ISO, DIN, DOT and JIS standards. The available fittings include instrumentation tube fittings in a range of materials to meet the needs of many industries; cone and thread instrumentation pipe fittings; leak-free hose-to-hose instrumentation adapters; and more. 


Parker has a large selection of ball valves available in brass, stainless steel and PVC, as well as on-off, three-way valve, fail-safe and modulating designs. Needle valves are also available for the regulation of liquids and gases, as well as positive leak-tight shut-off. They come in a variety of stem types, in both in-line and angle patterns. In addition, the company carries a wide selection of check valves with many different end connections. These valves are made from such materials as aluminum, stainless steel, brass and carbon steel to suit the requirements of a diverse range of applications

Modular fitting and valve systems

Parker’s line of quality modular components and systems are designed for use in analytical, lab and complex general purpose instrumentation flow control applications. The components include a sample conditioning system, a stream switching system, and a process analyzer vent-header pressure control system. These modular systems offer flexibility, as they can be mounted to surfaces and easily removed or replaced without breaking process connections. 

More information

Many additional Parker products are available from Wainbee, including tools, accessories, tubing and more; however, Parker Instrumentation products are only available in Quebec. To learn more about any of the high-quality products available, contact Wainbee


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