REDwire Parker HMI offers reliability and power in sleek, economical package

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Parker’s InteractX PowerStation HMI is a top choice for applications that call for a compact and powerful solution.

Wainbee is proud to carry one of the most powerful and reliable HMIs on the market: Parker’s InteractX (IX) PowerStation. This HMI, which comes with Parker’s time-tested InteractX software, combines a rugged, yet compact, industrial design with sleek, modern esthetics, making it a top choice for applications that call for a compact and powerful solution.

Small package

The IX PowerStation provides SCADA-like capabilities in a thin, economical package, and is known for its ability to fit where other HMIs cannot. The touchscreen display is offered in a variety of sizes — from seven to 22 inches — each offering minimal intrusion into the cabinet with a 1.3-inch cabinet depth. Even with its smaller size, the unit’s widescreen aspect ratio provides 40 per cent more screen space over a traditional 4:3 ratio. This provides room for additional functionality or a decluttered screen.

Packed with power

This HMI features a quad core processor (1.83GHz), which enables communications to multiple PLCs, machine HMIs or other devices to be handled with ease. It also allows the unit’s rich graphics, animations and critical data to update faster than ever before, with impressive screen navigation responsiveness.

Easy to use

InteractX provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical design interface that reduces the time to develop your interface. Prebuilt ActiveX tools allow users to use advanced functions with little effort — simply point and click, and you are logging.


Every aspect of the IX design protects against common failure modes to provide long-lasting and reliable operation. For example, the unit’s fanless and ventless design allows users to avoid the most common component failure in industrial PCs: the fan. Coupled with a mechanically reinforced SSD, and intensive shock and vibration specifications, the IX is meant to withstand any industrial condition.

Additional details

InteractX leads the industry with breakthrough HMI graphics and built-in connectivity, enabling users to dramatically reduce application development time and integration costs. It is also safe for use in washdown environments.

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