REDwire Parker control valve a safe solution for mobile applications

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Parker’s L90LS mobile control valve is available in Canada from Wainbee.

Parker’s L90LS mobile control valve, available in Canada from Wainbee, is a stackable, multi-section, load-sensing, pressure-compensated directional valve. Its many best-in-class features and advantages make it a top choice — and a safe choice — for use in mobile machines, such as cranes, sky lifts, forklift trucks, platform trucks, excavators and harvesters.

Modular design: The modularity of the L90LS allows for a wide range of normally external functions to be integrated into the valve. Such functions can be common or specific to individual spool-sections, so that widely differing criteria for individual machine functions can be met in just one valve.

Customization: The modular design allows it to be customized for different applications. Each valve is built to order, so that it incorporates the exact functions and values needed to optimally control the given machine.

Operation: The valve has excellent simultaneous-operating characteristics. This means that several machine functions can be operated at the same time, regardless of the sizes of individual loads.

Pressure and flow: The L90LS is designed for working pressures of up to 320 bar and a maximum pump flow of 200 litres a minute.

Wide range of spool actuators: The spools in the L90LS can be actuated directly by levers or remotely by pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic remote control. The wide range of actuating options gives the machine designer freedom in terms of control criteria and component location.

Safety: The design of the L90LS makes it easy for machine manufacturers to comply with national and international safety regulations. Special safety functions for machines such as cranes and sky lifts can be integrated into the valve in a logical and simple way. With all system functions contained in a robust, compact, pre-tested unit with minimal external pipework, overall safety and reliability is greatly improved.

As a distributor for Parker products in Canada, Wainbee can make sure its customers get the most appropriate valve configuration for the application. Its expertise means that customers can be confident that the valve is contributing to the safe operation of mobile machines.

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