REDwire Parallel grippers offer IO-Link capabilities

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The GEH6000IL Series Gripper offers integrated sensing in a single-cable solution thanks to its on-board IO-Link.

Zimmer Group offers a broad portfolio of handling technologies designed for high performance and a long service life. Its two-jaw parallel gripper, the GEH6000IL Series Gripper with IO-Link, is no exception.

Key features and advantages

The GEH6000IL Series Gripper is the company’s highest performing gripper, with the highest power density on the market. A superior proportion of gripping force to mass, volume and price allows users to have the maximum level of process reliability and cost optimization in the smallest amount of space.

This electric gripper features brushless drive technology, position, speed and force control in combination with a self-locking mechanism. This guarantees the highest amount of functionality, while the on-board IO-Link offers integrated sensing in a single-cable solution.

An added bonus: the unit is easily implemented into the user’s control system, where it offers five million maintenance-free cycles once installed.

Several models are available, with adjustable strokes per jaw ranging from 40 to 80 millimetres. Regardless of the model chosen, they each offer a repetition accuracy of +/- .05 millimetres.

Additional offerings

In addition to the GEH6000IL Series parallel gripper, Zimmer Group offers a selection of other electric and pneumatic grippers, including three-jaw concentric grippers and two-jaw angular grippers. The company is continuously improving its technologies and components to ensure it meets the evolving needs of its customers.

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Zimmer Group - Canada

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