REDwire Paperless data recording arms manufacturers with visibility and knowledge

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The Trendview line includes eZtrend, Minitrend and Multitrend paperless recorders.

Data is a powerful thing. Having the ability to monitor the equipment assets in an industrial application to determine their efficiency, and use that data to become more productive, puts power in the hands of manufacturers. Honeywell gives manufacturers this power — and visibility — with TrendView paperless recorders

The Trendview line includes eZtrend, Minitrend and Multitrend paperless recorders. These units offer many benefits to users, including: 

  • Accuracy: Honeywell’s paperless recorders are more accurate and reliable, increasing the end-user's confidence in video recording. The recorders feature real-time data acquisition for accurate process knowledge.
  • Flexibility: They allow greater flexibility for monitoring and storing data than traditional paper recorders. They provide the ability to analyze and manipulate the data with a personal computer, allowing the user to quickly generate reports and analyze trends.
  • Time saving: Paperless recorders eliminate the expense of paper charts and the manpower to change and archive them.
  • Ease of use: The recorders feature informational graphics and touchscreen displays. They also support standard Ethernet and RS485 networks for easy connectivity, and OPC server for easy connectivity to any OPC client. 
  • Security: Data is archived to an integral database for added security. A password management system ensures secure user access for up to 50 users, while an encrypted secure data file protects against data tampering. Secure download protects against unauthorized data access and transfers, and tamper-proof seals and configuration lock-out protect against unauthorized recorder access.
  • Many more features: Options include customizable displays; batch or continuous data recording; multiple data storage options (removable secure digital port, on-board non-volatile flash, USB flash storage ports); web access for viewing data remotely; File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for efficient data uploads; and export data to spreadsheet for additional data analysis using standard tools. 

Using Honeywell’s Trendview paperless recorders, operators can acquire, visualize and store wireless data for real-time process improvements. They also enable regulated industries to gain the benefits of electronic data collection and reporting while meeting the necessary regulatory requirements. 

Honeywell’s paperless recorders are available through Thermo-Kinetics. For more information, contact Thermo-Kinetics.


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