REDwire Oscillating mountings offer maintenance-free, noiseless operation

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AB type oscillating mountings from Rosta support or suspend freely oscillating vibrating equipment.

Rosta’s AB type oscillating mountings are used to support or suspend freely oscillating vibrating equipment. These elastic rockers are versatile and can be used with a wide variety of designs and drive systems. They are maintenance-free and offer high vibration isolation with low residual force transmission. A variety of mountings are available to suit the application, such as special models for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


The mountings offer exceptionally high insulation efficiency towards the support structure. In addition, they will assist the driving forces in the conveying direction and assure the oscillating part of the machine has good linear guidance. The mountings have a pantograph structure that allows large spring deflection under load. This results in low natural frequencies. As opposed to helical spring mountings, Rosta oscillating mountings will prevent wobbling of the screen casing when passing through the resonant frequency. 

Wide selection

Rosta oscillating mountings are available in a range of models with various sizes and design features. All of the AB models are available in AISI 304 stainless steel for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The AB mountings offer natural frequencies of approximately two to three Hz. They come in nine different sizes, from 50 N to 20’000 N per mounting.

The standard models vary in materials and design depending on the mounting size. For example, sizes AB 15 to 45 feature aluminum housings, while sizes AB 50 and AB 50-2 have housings made from spheroidal graphite iron. In addition, the smaller models have lateral fixation flanges for direct mounting to the machine part, while the larger sizes have feet for direct bolting to the screen and support structure.  

More information

Rosta’s type AB oscillating mountings provide harmonic, noiseless oscillation with no maintenance. The many different models offer an ideal solution for all types of oscillating equipment and applications. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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