REDwire Oscillating mountings meet demands of process industries

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Rosta oscillating mountings are commonly used in both hanging and upright gyratory sifters.

Rosta carries a selection of oscillating mountings for gyratory sifters used in processing sector applications, including flour and grain conditioning, pharmaceutical powder preparation, and the selection and cleaning of the different wood-chip sizes in the chipboard industry. Multiple models are available to meet the challenges of each application.

Hanging gyratory sifters

Hanging gyratory sifters are ideal for the milling sector. They are most commonly used for sorting different types of flour (white flour, dark flour, black flour). These screens, which are equipped with a central unbalanced shaft, typically hang from the ceiling on several rattan or round fibreglass rods. Because screening machines can be very heavy, several rods are needed at each corner of the box to ensure safe suspension. However, both types of rods can slip out of the clamps when there is high humidity, and it is difficult to set it up so that all of the rods support approximately the same weight. Rosta’s AV oscillating mounts offer a simpler solution. Not only do they have a high carrying capacity, but they can be delivered with right- and left-hand threads, which facilitate the horizontal adjustment of the box. Plus, the AV mountings have a long service life, and do not have to be periodically replaced like rattan rods.

Upright staying gyratory sifters

Upright staying gyratory sifter machines with eccentric shaft drives are most often used in the flour processing sector, as well as in chipboard manufacturing plants. An eccentric shaft driven by belts transfers the circular movement to the screen box, which is supported by four legs, each consisting of two Rosta universal joints. The weight of the box lies completely on the four supports, which accurately guide the box movement.

For upright staying gyratory sifters with unbalanced shaft drives, Rosta’s AK or AV mountings can be used.

Multiple options

Rosta type AK oscillating mountings feature a universal joint for the support or suspension of positive drive or freely oscillating gyratory sifting machines. They are available in 10 sizes.

Type AV features single joint mountings specially designed with large rubber inserts capable of absorbing the vibrations of hanging sifters. This type is available in five sizes.

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