REDwire Oscillating elements from Rosta enable two-way conveying on vibratory screening machines

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The AR product line of oscillating elements makes it easy to construct boomerang rocker arms.

Vibratory screening machines are widely used in the food processing industry for the preparation and selection of fruit, vegetables and other food items. The reason vibrating screen technology is so popular for these applications is the cost savings, as it is an efficient way to sort items of varying size, or separate broken pieces of products such as pasta and cookies. Rosta can supply oscillating elements that can make vibrating screen systems even more efficient by enabling two-way conveying.

The benefit of two-way conveying

Usually in food processing applications, breakage and small particles are moved to an additional screening machine to be separated again and fed for further processing. It would often be beneficial if the screening machine could instead convey these inferior products backwards, moving them to the material bunker or discharge chute. This capability would make it unnecessary to extend the production line with an additional sorting screen conveyor.

Oscillating elements from Rosta

Unfortunately, vibrating screen conveyors that use slider-crank drives can only convey in one direction. Rosta offers the perfect solution for this challenge with its type AR 27 and AR 38 oscillating elements. These elements make it easy to create two-way conveying systems with vibratory screening machines. That’s because they can be used to construct so-called "boomerang" rocker arms. These rocker arms enable a second vibrating feeder to be added with the inclination in the other direction. To create the rocker arms, simply connect three AR vibrating elements using a circular tube profile.

In addition, the second feeder acts as a counter-vibratory mass, which compensates for 100 per cent of the acceleration forces. As a result, the machine's capacity for conveying and sieving can be more than doubled.

More information

Rosta Inc. has been in business in Canada since 1988, and supplies rubber suspension elements and machine components to a variety of industries. These products are designed to help customers lower their maintenance costs and increase productivity. 

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