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Provincial Partitions constructed a low-profile steel mezzanine to straddle the existing in-plant office.

Canada Wire required immediate additional office space in its Fergus, Ont., plant. Expanding the existing in-plant office area was considered, but floor space in the manufacturing area was limited, and relocating equipment was not a practical option given the tight timeline. The only direction to expand was up, even though the plant ceiling was relatively low, with less than eight feet between the existing office structure and the roof joists.

Canada Wire brought in the experts from Provincial Partitions. As a leading manufacturer of modular space solutions, Provincial Partitions had the ideal solution.

A low-profile mezzanine

One of the many high-quality solutions available from Provincial Partitions is its mezzanines, which are custom designed by the company’s team of on-staff professional engineers. For this particular application, a low-profile steel mezzanine was the ideal option. It was constructed to straddle the existing in-plant office. The result was a new, elevated office area designed to utilize the tight space available. Partitions extended to the underside of the existing roof with cut-outs to accommodate the interfering roof joists, and window profiles were adjusted to avoid obstruction by roof joists to afford maximum visibility.

Save valuable floor space

A two-storey application from Provincial Partitions is the perfect way to save valuable floor space while accommodating increased personnel or materials. Provincial Partitions incorporates structural steel mezzanines within its partition system to allow an office upstairs and storage space below, or virtually any combination the customer can envision.

The company’s patented System 40 components assemble quickly without mechanical fasteners, making relocation or modification simple. Mezzanine offices are available with the full range of features offered in other System 40 offices, including a choice of durable steel or low maintenance vinyl panels, a wide variety of window and door selections, full electrical packages, and sound and temperature control options, all tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Quality solutions

Whether the customer requires a standard off-the-shelf or customized structure, regardless of shape, size, height or existing building conditions, Provincial Partitions’ CAD design team can provide the assistance needed to ensure loading specifications are met.

Flexibility and convenience make Provincial Partitions solutions the ideal space management choice. To learn more about its unique solutions-oriented approach to modular structures, fill out an online RFQ form or contact Provincial Partitions directly at


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