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Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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Budlar Flexible Products expertly designs o-rings for optimal performance.

Budlar Flexible Products is a specialist in custom and standard o-rings and o-ring cord. Since 1970, the company has been providing quality rubber products to a variety of industries. In that time, the company has gained invaluable experience in fabricating the ideal o-rings for many different applications.

Optimizing performance

There are a number of factors that can affect the performance of o-rings. To ensure seals are properly functioning and long-lasting, a few variables to keep in mind are the surface finish and lubrication.

To provide the best seal, the surface must be free of imperfections such as scratches and burrs. Another closely related factor is cleanliness. It is important to ensure components are free of foreign materials such as dirt or grit, because any abrasive material can cut the o-ring. Lubrication is also important for certain applications where twisting and abrasion will result if the o-ring runs dry.

Dynamic sealing

In dynamic sealing applications, optimizing o-ring performance depends on reducing friction, and there are a number of ways to do that. One way is selecting the right material hardness for the application. Softer materials are appropriate for squeeze seals, while harder materials are typically well suited for lip seals.

Another variable that affects friction is seal temperature. In applications where it is possible to cool the fluid and seal, a lower temperature will reduce friction. If cooling is not practical, a seal with a smaller cross section or a larger groove can be used to reduce hot squeeze.

Some other solutions to reduce o-ring friction include using higher-lubricity fluids, choosing seal materials with a low-coefficient of friction, and reducing the time-at-rest between movements.

Budlar Flexible Products can provide o-rings that are custom fabricated to suit any requirement. The company’s offering includes a comprehensive range of materials and o-ring types.

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Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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