REDwire Olflex and Unitronic cables from Lapp offer the safety needed for chemical weapon disposal

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Lapp Canada Inc

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Equipment from Lapp is used in safety critical applications.

Eisenmann is a German company that specializes in surface, environment and special process engineering. When the company was tasked with the clean disposal of 7,500t of the chemical warfare agents Vx, sarin and soman, it relied on Olflex and Unitronic cables. The solutions supplied by Lapp offer the high degree of safety that’s required, because in applications such as this, any type of malfunction is unacceptable. 

Application details

Eisenmann was contracted by the Russian Federation and German Foreign Ministry to handle the project. To dispose of the chemical warfare agents, a plant was built in Pochep, which is located approximately 500 km southwest of Moscow. The plant used two separate lines with capacities of 1,000 kg/h each that burned the liquids at approximately 1,200 degrees C. The first line used two high-turbulence reactors with flue gas treatment equipment, while the second line was used to burn solid materials such as contaminated clothing and ammunition bodies. 

Lapp solutions

To connect the plant’s pump motors, drives, ventilators, sensors and magnetic valves to the control room, Eisenmann used Olflex Classic 110 connection and control cables. In the conveyor systems used in cleaning and cutting up the emptied ammunition bodies, Olflex FD Classic 810 cables were used. Lastly, the central control system used Unitronic BUS data cables to relay orders to ancillary plants.

The plant spanned an area as large as a soccer field, and required precise co-ordination between the fans, pumps, drives and sensors. These solutions ensured that the system’s discharge procedures were seamless.

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Lapp Canada Inc

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