REDwire Oil-free compressors a must-have in pharmaceutical applications

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There are many uses for compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry requires a sterile environment. Oil and any other contaminants can cause process disruptions, production shutdowns and expensive product recalls. That’s why, when it comes to using compressed air in pharmaceutical applications, oil-free systems are the only option.

Multiple applications

There are many uses for compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in applications: where air is in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving; in control valves and cylinders to control equipment used in the manufacturing process; to operate fluid pumping systems in volatile environments without the risk of explosion; to produce nitrogen; to create a safe and clean area; and to accelerate the drying process of products.

A secure compressed air supply

Pharmaceutical giant sanofi aventis required a totally secure compressed air supply to meet its rigorous quality control standards. It selected the oil-free D75H SR compressor from CompAir to replace the underperforming air station at its Karachi plant in Pakistan. The D75H SR is 100 per cent water-lubricated, so not a single drop of oil will enter the production process. Other advantages of this solution include CompAir’s round-the-clock technical support to ensure maximum productivity, as well as comprehensive service support and planned maintenance that cuts cost of ownership by ensuring optimum efficiency and longer equipment life. The units also include a variable speed drive that reduces power consumption and saves up to 20 per cent of energy costs.

A leading manufacturer

CompAir is a leading provider of compressors and compressed air equipment. In addition to its oil-free models, the company offers a selection of oil-lubricated and portable compressors, as well as air treatment equipment and accessories. Its products are known for producing high-quality air, and helping manufacturers reduce their cost of operations and increase efficiency.

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