REDwire Ohio Broach uses Trabon individual-point lubrication in its heavy-duty machines

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Heavy-duty machines from Ohio Broach offer many features.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company designs and builds broaching machines with many advanced features. For instance, the company’s heavy-duty broaching machines use Trabon pressurized individual-point lubrication systems. These systems ensure all critical components are lubricated, resulting in less wear, fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs.

Automated lubrication

Automated lubrication systems typically consist of a controller/timer, pump, supply line, metering valves and feed lines. Trabon lubrication systems incorporate a solid-state timer to control when the pump starts a lubrication cycle. These timers provide dependable performance due to multiple-level protection. The components are coated for protection against moisture and vibration. 

Trabon automatic machine lubrication systems also use high performance divider valves. They are capable of delivering lubricant in precise amounts to a number of individual lube points. These divider valves have a durable design so they will stand up to harsh environments and operating conditions. They are available with SAE porting to guarantee they are leak-free, as well as TFE standards seals for high temperature use and compatibility with a wide range of fluids.

These systems provide a number of features that can help keep broaching machines problem free. For example, they can provide indication when the lubrication reservoir level is low or when there is an impaired flow condition that causes high pressure. In addition, when the system is in automatic control mode, it features anti-start interlocking.
Ohio Broach

Whether it’s a standalone or transfer type machine with semi-automatic or automatic capabilities, Ohio Broach & Machine Company can design and build it. The company has experience creating all types of broaching machines, including vertical, horizontal surface, pot, table up, pull down and continuous types. 

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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