REDwire Ohio Broach uses its ‘Ohio’ CNC shaping machines for efficient production service

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Ohio Broach has experience producing all types of parts with CNC shaper machines.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company offers CNC shaper machines as part of its “Ohio” machine line. The machine offers efficiency, high precision and versatility with its four-axis capabilities. The company also makes use of these capabilities to perform CNC shaping as part of its production services. 

Ohio Broach has experience producing all types of parts with these machines. Some examples include electrical connector sleeves and pickup truck steering drive components.

Steering drive component shaping

To produce steering drive components, the company uses its “Ohio” CNC shaper model OB-VM16-2X. The machine is equipped with a dual shaper head and dual servo-driven indexing tables, which enables the shaping of two parts at once. With the ability to stroke up to 600 strokes per minute, the dual shaper head yields a total cycle time of one minute. This allows the machine to complete two parts every 60 seconds. To meet the demand for the steering drive components, two machines are used. On each station, the shaper head uses a single edge special form carbide insert. 

Electrical connector sleeve shaping

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company uses a model OB-VM16-2 to produce electrical connector sleeves with a variety of different slots and forms. One sleeve design requires some internal slots that vary in width and position. To produce these parts, the company uses a special high-speed steel tool configured in three different widths. A collet clamp fixture is used to hold the part in a servo-driven index table. The fixture is programmed to position the part for each of the slots. Once in position, the shaper head cuts until the required depth is reached, and the part is positioned for the next slot. Typically, the sleeves have five slots. Only a single fixturing is needed for this application, and parts can be completed in about 45 to 50 seconds.   

For more information on the company's production service, or its machine design and engineering capabilities, visit the Ohio Broach & Machine Company website


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