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The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. is currently investigating converting some of its machinery into “green machines,” including its hydraulic-powered horizontal broach machine.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. is currently investigating converting some of its machinery into “green machines.” Specifically, it is looking at converting several standard hydraulic actuated machines to mechanically actuated machines.

The machines being considered are a vertical table up broach machine with 10 tons of cutting force and a 48-inch cutting stroke, and a horizontal broach machine with five tons of cutting force and 48-inch cutting stroke.

What will make these machines “green”? The conversion will be accomplished by using a ball screw actuator driven with a servo motor. No hydraulic oils will be required, eliminating the environmental issues associated with them. The motor on a current hydraulic actuated machine turns constantly, pushing oil back to the reservoir when the ram is at rest. The servo motors on these converted machines will only turn on demand when the ram is required to move, resulting in electricity savings. Another benefit is noise reduction, because the servo motor and screw will produce noise only when the ram is required to move.  

In addition, the footprint of the vertical machine will be reduced, because the separate hydraulic reservoir with the electric motor, hydraulic pump, valves and oil cooler will no longer be necessary, saving floor space. Plus, the servo motor will be connected to the actuator within the confines of the machine frame. The horizontal machine, however, will require approximately the same footprint, but the base will be drastically reconfigured with the elimination of the hydraulic reservoir. 

If any customer is interested in this concept, but has a different size machine requirement, Ohio Broach will gladly look at designing the machine necessary for the requirement. The company’s in-house design capabilities allow it to tailor the machine and tooling to meet the customer’s requirements. 

Contact Ohio Broach for details. 


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