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The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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Thanks to its in-house capabilities, Ohio Broach can produce various products for the medical sector.

The medical sector is one of the many markets that benefits from the high-quality products and services offered by Ohio Broach & Machine Company. The company’s capabilities, expert team and more than 60 years of experience enable it to easily meet the needs of this critical sector.

Production broaching capabilities

The medical industry can turn to Ohio Broach for its in-house production contract broaching services. The company can produce various tools for this industry by performing internal broaching, broaching of irregular shapes, blind spline broaching and surface broaching. In addition, it can work with nearly all metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Its in-house machinery includes horizontal internal broaching machines, dual ram vertical broaching machines, heavy-duty vertical broaching machines, vertical surface broaching machines, table-up broaching machines and CNC shaper machines. These resources enable the company to provide quality broaching for production sizes from short to long runs.

Broaching examples

Thanks to these capabilities, Ohio Broach can produce various products for the medical sector. For example, it can produce medical implants. These stainless steel surgical implants are broached on a machine that is able to handle the varying lengths required. Using a two-pass operation, the company broaches serrations and one end radius on the first pass, then rotates the part 180 degrees to broach the remaining serrations and radii to finish the part.

Another example of products produced by Ohio Broach for medical professionals is hand tools. These commonly broached items include medical hemostats. More specifically, the joint area of a hemostat is straddle-broached.

Additional details

To learn more about how Ohio Broach can serve the medical sector and a wide range of other industries, contact Ohio Broach & Machine Company


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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