REDwire Ohio Broach provides flexible problem solving for broaching projects

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Ohio Broach has the experience to design tooling for all types of broaching projects.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company has experience in all aspects of broaching. For instance, the company designs and builds a variety of broaching machines, and also performs production broaching services. This experience allows Ohio Broach to provide solutions that are tailored to customer requirements, and help overcome unique challenges.

Tooling breakage problems

One project that exemplifies the company’s flexible problem-solving capabilities is the tooling for ready-to-assemble broached wrench jaws. The customer had an existing tooling process that was under performing. It involved broaching a deep slot in the part using multiple passes. The process was prone to problems with tooling breakage and also required multiple setups to broach parts. As a result, the company was struggling to meet production requirements.

The solution

To solve the problem, Ohio Broach's expert engineers designed slot tools that could broach the deep slot in a single pass. Then the rounded slot and serrated tooth form are broached on the same machine. Next, the part is moved to a drilling machine to drill the holes. Lastly, the part is deburred, heat treated and black oxidized.

This broaching operation is performed using a 15-ton machine with a 90-inch stroke. The fixture has three stations with an operator transferring parts between them. The hydraulic fixture automatically clamps and the machine cycles once the operator presses the start buttons. At each stroke of the machine, a fully broached part is removed from the fixture.

More information

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company is known as the total broaching source due to its experience in design, machine building, production and tool sharpening. For more information on the company's capabilities, visit the Ohio Broach website.


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