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Ohio Broach can design and build broach tools for any application.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company offers more than 55 years of experience in engineering broaching machines and tools. The company designs and builds all types of broaching machines, including standalone and transfer types with semi-automatic or automatic loading options. In addition, Ohio Broach works with customers to design broach tools with the ideal pitch, length, tooth load, face angle and clearance angles for the applications.

Types of surface broach tools

  • Slab broaches are the simplest type of surface broach. They are used for cutting flat surfaces in general purpose applications.
  • Slot broaches are used for cutting slots at high rates for high volume production. Slot broaching is much more efficient than milling because multiple broaches can be run through the part simultaneously on a single broaching machine.
  • Pot broaches are used for cutting the outside diameter of cylindrical workpieces. The name comes from the pot-like appearance of the fixtures they are mounted on.
  • Form broaches are used for cutting profiles on parts. The forms can be radii, gear forms, serrations or any profile that can be dressed on a grinding wheel.

Types of internal broach tools

  • Solid broaches are the most used type. They are made from one piece of material.
  • Shell broaches are similar to solid broaches, but have a hole through the centre to allow mounting on an arbour. When shell broaches must be replaced, they offer cost savings, as the pilots are on the mandrel and do not have to be reproduced.
  • Modular broaches have multi-piece construction and are often used for large internal broaching applications. When compared to solid designs, they are less expensive to build or resharpen, and they offer more flexibility.
  • Cut-and-recut broaches are used for workpieces with thin walls. These workpieces tend to expand during cutting and shrink later. Cut-and-recut broaches overcome this complication by including a "breathing section".

Ohio Broach expertise

The engineering staff at Ohio Broach can create high-quality, durable tooling to meet customer requirements. In addition, the company can co-ordinate the tool design with the machine systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.

For more information on the broach tools and machines available, visit the Ohio Broach website.


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