REDwire Ohio Broach production services meet military standards for the AR-15 rifle

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Ohio Broach has experience producing high precision parts such as AR-15 lower receivers.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company offers expertise in every phase of broaching, from tool sharpening to machine manufacturing and production. This expertise enables the company to efficiently produce high-quality parts with tight tolerances. One example is the company’s experience making broached lower receivers for the AR-15 rifle. Ohio Broach uses high precision methods to meet the stringent standards of the military.

Broaching method

Ohio Broach has produced these parts several times for a number of different manufacturers. Thanks to that experience, the company has identified the best broaching method to achieve the tight tolerances required. For these projects, the company uses a two pass broaching arrangement.

The process begins with a forged-aluminum part that has been pre-machined with a starting hole that enables the first pass broach tool to start. Fixture clamps are used to hold the part in place, and fixture supports prevent any part distortion during the cut.

To create the finished form, guided broach tools cut the top, sides, bottom and corners of the lower receiver. The result of this process is a precisely broached part that is well within tolerance for all the critical dimensions.

Machine features

The company uses its “Ohio” HF1572 horizontal broach machine to perform this operation. It offers 15 tons of cutting force and 72 inches of cutting stroke. The machine also features a retriever unit for broach handling, and a hydraulic clamping fixture. The fixture actuates automatically within the cycle of the machine. In fact, the entire operation is automated once the operator loads a part and pushes the start buttons. The process takes about one minute from start to finish, and produces a lower receiver with a completely broached magazine well.

More information

Ohio Broach has been serving industry since 1956. The company has earned a reputation as the total broaching source. It has experience working with clients from diverse markets, including automotive, aerospace, hand tools, and oil and gas. 

For more information, visit the company website.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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