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The CNC shaper machine is designed for the machining of blind spline forms such as internal gear or involute tooth forms in a blind hole.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company has been providing innovative solutions to its customers’ broaching problems since it was launched nearly 60 years ago. The company brings its six decades of knowledge to each job, and is able to come up with progressive solutions to various broaching applications because of this experience. 

One of its latest innovations is a new CNC shaper machine, designed for the machining of blind spline forms such as internal gear or involute tooth forms in a blind hole. Typically, on a high production application, these types of parts are tooled on a blind spline broach machine that incorporates a series of progressively larger punches that cut the form larger on each station as the part indexes around a carousel. However, these machines can be very cost prohibitive. To provide its customers with a more affordable solution, Ohio Broach developed a machine using CNC precision-controlled movements with the cutting action of a shaping tool to be able to generate the precise forms that are required for a blind involute spline. 

The shapes that can be generated are as wide and varied as one can imagine. The limitless movements of the four-axis CNC-controlled machine, combined with specific tool design, enables users to remove material precisely from the part to create virtually any form. The automotive industry uses many gear forms that need to be generated against a shoulder or in a blind hole. This machine provides an excellent solution for these types of applications — and it is about one quarter of the cost of a blind spline broaching machine. 

Although cycle time using the “Ohio” CNC shaping machine is greater than a blind spline broaching machine, the capital outlay and the ongoing tooling costs more than offset this shortcoming over the life cycle of a part. For longer cycle times of parts, the “Ohio” CNC shaper can be tooled with a dual shaper head and fixturing stations to run two parts simultaneously, thereby cutting the cycle time in half. The machine is ideally suited for small to medium-sized lots. 

To learn more about its innovative “Ohio” CNC shaping machine, contact the Ohio Broach & Machine Company.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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