REDwire Ohio Broach machines feature reliable Eaton hydraulic pumps

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There are many high-quality features built into every Ohio Broach machine.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company offers broaching machines with many advanced features. From hardened and ground steel ways and precision ram slides to individual point lubrication systems, these features help ensure durability, long service life, and quality results. The machine drive systems on these machines are no exception, as they are powered by high-performance Eaton vane pumps.

Eaton hydraulic pumps

The fixed-displacement vane pumps used in Ohio Broach machines offer efficiency, reliability and low noise. To form the basis of the machine drive system, these pumps are used along with other Eaton valves and controls. These valves are built to provide dependable performance, even in the most demanding operating conditions. The machine drive systems have an open-loop design, which further contributes to reliability.

Eaton is one of the most renowned names in hydraulics. Eaton pumps, valve, controls, cylinders and filtration products are used in a variety of industries and applications ranging from industrial and aerospace to marine and defence.

Other machine features

Some of the other features built into Ohio Broach machines include the ram slides made from high-tensile, cast-iron material with a close grain. To ensure a precise fit, the slide surfaces on the ram slides are hand-scraped. In addition, they are then flaked to maximize lubrication penetration.

Another key feature available is the Trabon pressurized lubrication system, which offers individual-point lubrication that keeps all critical components well lubricated. These systems utilize solid-state timers to control the lubrication cycle, and high-performance divider valves to control the amount of lubricant delivered to different lubrication points.

More information

With Ohio Broach's custom design and manufacturing capabilities, the company can provide broaching machines with features to suit any requirement. For more information, visit the company's website.


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