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One recent application example is a broach machine package that was tooled for a European bearing manufacturer that supplies thrust bearings for the engine crankshaft to various European automotive manufacturers.

When it comes to the designing and building of broaching machines, Ohio Broach & Machine Company brings experience — more than five decades of it. One of the Willoughby, Ohio-based company’s specialties is the design and build of special purpose machines for high production broaching, as well as the co-ordination of the machine and tooling to provide a complete broaching package.  

One recent application example is a broach machine package that was tooled for a European bearing manufacturer that supplies thrust bearings for the engine crankshaft to various European automotive manufacturers. The parts are stamped from presses that are in close proximity to the broach machine. The machine operators are then required to load the parts into a double station magazine on the broach machine that holds approximately 20 minutes of parts. The bottom part of each magazine is stripped from the full stack of parts and pushed through the two broach tunnels where the broach tools remove stock and hold the parts flat, as well as maintain a surface finish of less than 1.2 Ra. The parts are then pushed to an unloading area where two sets of fingers draw the pieces off the fixtures and down the exit chutes to the collection area. After broaching, the fixtures return to their initial station where the cycle initiates and repeats again.   

To accomplish this broaching operation, the company used a special “Ohio” H218X horizontal broach machine with two tons of cutting force and 18 inches of cutting stroke and tandem stations in a single machine. It is hydraulically driven and has a dual parallel hydraulic system so that one side can run independent from the other. The machine is controlled by a PLC and has an integral coolant pump and reservoir that supplies coolant to the broach cutters. It is capable of 1,400 parts per hour with up to 40,000 parts between broach sharpenings, depending on the size and material of the part. 

Ohio Broach & Machine Company takes pride in the quality of the design, manufacture and maintenance of the machines and tooling it manufactures. Its facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the company is a member in good standing with the Association for Manufacturing Technology, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  

Contact Ohio Broach & Machine Company for more information about its custom broach equipment, and design and engineering services. 


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