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Ohio Broach has experience making machines for everything from wrenches to bearings.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company has a reputation for flexibility in manufacturing. The company can offer custom broaching machines and has experience designing machine solutions for a diverse variety of projects.

Automotive bearings

When Ohio Broach was tasked with providing a broach machine package for an automotive bearing manufacturer, it was able to offer a highly efficient solution: a special “Ohio” H218X horizontal broach machine. The machine was used to produce thrust bearings for engine crankshafts. This machine provides two tons of cutting forces, an 18-inch stroke, and tandem stations. It is equipped with a PLC for control, and has a dual parallel hydraulic system so the two sides of the machine can run independently. This machine can produce up to 1,400 parts per hour, and can broach up to 40,000 parts before resharpening is required.

AR-15 lower receiver

Ohio Broach has experience helping a number of manufacturers produce lower receivers for rifles. This operation requires holding to tight tolerances for military standards. For this project, an “Ohio” HF1572 horizontal broach machine was used. It offers 15 tons of cutting force and a 72-inch stroke. The machine makes the whole operation automatic, as it features a retriever unit for broach handling. The machine and retriever use a fixture that hydraulically clamps and automatically actuates within the machine’s cycle.

Wrench jaw

A customer came to Ohio Broach because its process for manufacturing ready-to-assemble wrench jaws was underperforming. The previous process required multiple setups to broach the parts, and had problems with tooling breakage. The solution offered by Ohio Broach was to use a broaching machine that had 15 tons of cutting force, a 90-inch stroke, and a fixture set up as three stations, allowing the operator to transfer the parts between the three stations.

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