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Nu-Tech Roll Forming works with a variety of materials from aluminum to cold rolled steel.

Nu-Tech Roll Forming is a full-service roll form supplier. The company’s capabilities include design, roll forming, stamping, bending, assembly, finishing and more. It also offers versatility in the variety of materials it works with. Some of the options include cold rolled steel, aluminum and even pre-painted material. 

Cold rolled and hot rolled steel

Nu-Tech Roll Forming can offer a variety of steels, including stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, and hot rolled pickled and oiled steel. Cold rolled steel is produced via rolling at room temperature. This contrasts with hot rolled steel, which is rolled at high temperatures, above the recrystallization threshold of the material. The benefits of cold rolled steel include improved strength, surface finish and tight tolerances. One of the downsides is that cold rolling cannot reduce material thickness as much as hot rolling in each pass. In addition, it is more expensive than hot rolling.

On the other hand, hot rolling steel produces mill scale on the material surface. Pickling is used to deal with this problem, a process that uses strong acids to remove impurities from the surface. Hot rolled steel is also susceptible to residual stresses, often caused by non-uniform cooling.

Cold rolled steel is used in many applications, including steel drums, electronic cabinetry, and a variety of construction products. Hot rolling is often used to produce sheet metal, rail tracks, truck frames, water heaters and more. 

Aluminum and pre-painted material

Nu-Tech Roll Forming can also offer lightweight parts made from aluminum. Aluminum offers the benefits of remarkably low density and corrosion resistance due to passivation. It is often used in structural components for aerospace and transportation.

Nu-Tech can even work with pre-painted material to offer finished parts with fast turnaround. Alternatively, the company can offer finishing services such as grinding and polishing.

Nu-Tech expertise

As a manufacturer that provides custom roll formed parts in many materials, Nu-Tech Roll Forming can produce cost-effective parts to meet its customers’ varying needs. Some of the roll formed products it has experience producing includes channels, door tracks, panels, running boards, cross members and more. 

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