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Nu-Tech Roll Forming's plant is equipped with high-quality equipment.

Roll forming machines are an ideal solution for many projects, as they allow the efficient and precise machining of uniform parts. When it comes to choosing a company to perform these services, Nu-Tech Roll Forming is a top choice. The company excels in all kinds of roll forming projects due to its extensive capabilities and experience.

Roll forming capabilities

Roll forming is a highly adjustable process and is suitable for projects of varying durations. Due to this versatility, Nu-Tech Roll Forming has experience creating a wide variety of standard and custom roll formed parts. For instance, the company has made everything from barn door tracks to tailgate panels. It also has experience serving such industries as automotive, construction, military, electrical, mining, agriculture and petrochemical.

Many roll forming machines incorporate programmable logic controllers to ensure accuracy. These controllers are essential for applications where the part needs to be cut to a specific length or requires multiple holes. Nu-Tech Roll Forming can handle these types of projects with ease, as the company is outfitted with all the necessary equipment and know-how. The company has 11 lines of rolling mills, stamping presses with up to 400-ton capacities, benders and spot welders.

Some roll forming machines are equipped with laser or TIG welding capabilities, which offer the benefit of removing an entire step from the manufacturing process.  

Nu-Tech Roll Forming expertise

The technical knowledge of Nu-Tech Roll Forming’s professionals benefits its customers because the experience level of the operator is one factor that influences tolerances of roll formed parts. Tolerances can also be affected by the machine condition, as well as the quality and wear of the tooling — areas where Nu-Tech Roll Forming excels due to investments in the best equipment. 

For more information on the company’s capabilities, visit the Nu-Tech Roll Forming website.


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