REDwire Norpak Handling can supply Hytrol conveyors with a variety of rollers

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Conveyor rollers of many types are available from Norpak Handling.

Hytrol roller conveyors of many types are available from Norpak Handling. They include gravity and powered conveyors for everything from lightweight packages to abusive applications. These conveyors are available with rollers of various types to suit different applications.

Conveyor rollers can be made from a variety of plastic, rubber or metallic materials. When determining which type of roller is appropriate for a given application, some important considerations include the type of products and packaging to be handled, as well as the environment and facility.

Types of conveyor rollers

Common types of conveyor rollers include:

  • Coated conveyor rollers (also known as covered) are a specialty type of roller with a cover made from plastic or rubber. They are often used for applications in metal rolling, printing and paper processing.
  • Gravity conveyor rollers incorporate off-the-shelf design specifications combined with advanced structural features. As a result, they are best suited for handling cartons, bags and boxes with unusual shapes.
  • Motorized conveyor rollers are packed with control drums. This enables regulation of speed and flow of products. It is possible to have automated product sorting and analysis through motorized zones, which is why these rollers are ideal for use in advanced automated production lines.
  • Free spinning conveyor rollers are bearing-laden and designed with an integral free turn capability. They are well suited to conveyor belt support systems and areas that require low friction and flexible rotational output.

More information

Norpak Handling offers a comprehensive catalogue of conveyor systems, parts and accessories. The company also has experienced specialists who can provide custom-designed solutions to meet practically any specification.

For more information, visit the Norpak Handling website.


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