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Overhead push-offs can divert products without taking up space beside the conveyor.

Norpak Handling can supply a wide selection of conveyors and related equipment from Hytrol. The offering includes several types of pushers that can be used to divert products off of conveyors. These pushers are typically used to move products to another conveyor, chute, or to another lane in parallel lines. The different options available include light-duty pushers, high-speed pushers and overhead push-offs.

Light-duty pushers

Light-duty pushers from Hytrol are simple to mount onto the side of existing conveyors, and are compatible with many conveyor models. They offer a low-cost solution for automatically diverting products off of conveyors at a right angle. These pushers are well suited for handling lightweight products up to a maximum of 15 pounds, and for applications such as reject or inspection stations. They are available with three different stroke lengths: seven, 10 or 15 inches.

High-speed pushers

For high cycle applications, Norpak Handling can supply Hytrol's high-speed pushers. They are designed to provide smooth operation at speeds up to 45 cycles per minute. They accomplish this using a special two-valve pneumatic control system.

These pushers are available in models with different stroke length ranges. They include 14 to 18 inches, 18 to 24 inches and 24 to 30 inches. The pusher stroke length can be adjusted to any length within the range.

Overhead push-offs

Also available are overhead push-offs. They offer the benefit of an overhead design, which saves valuable space next to the conveyor. They are capable of diverting packages up to 150 pounds at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute.

More information

When ordering accessories, customers should specify their conveyor model, width and elevation to ensure they get the appropriate mounting kits. To learn more about pushers and other conveyor accessories available from Norpak Handling, visit the company’s website.


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