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Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors come hermetically sealed in a range of sizes and configurations for every imaginable application.

Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors can push production line performance to record highs. The company says its sensors measure the actual temperature and thermal signature of every product on the line with unprecedented speed and accuracy, resulting in reduced setup time, less scrap, higher product quality, increased throughput and greater profitability — every outcome a manufacturer hopes for when adopting new technology.

Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors come hermetically sealed in a range of sizes and configurations for every imaginable application. They are designed for years of trouble-free operation in the toughest environments. In fact, IRt/c sensors are so rugged, professional auto racing teams use them to measure critical temperature variables during competition. The sensors don’t require a power supply and can be connected to standard thermocouple devices to give an instant boost in startup speed.

Exergen offers system solutions and technical application support for any thermal process requiring temperature measurement or control. More than 300 models of non-contact infrared sensors are available to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective temperature measurements and control for the most demanding applications.

Models include:

  • Standard IRt/c infrared thermocouple models with target temperature ranges from -50 to 5,000 degrees F; 12 fields-of-view from 1:1 to 100:1; minimum spot size one mm; focused spot sizes of four, six, eight or 12 mm; low/high emissivity models for metal/non-metal targets; adjustable linearity models; and sizes from 32.5-mm long and 12.7-mm in diameter. Various cooling, air purge, right-angle sensor options are available. The sensors meet all NEMA standards.
  • Handheld Microscanner models for accurate scanning of electrical equipment and NIST-traceable surface temperature calibration.
  • SnakeEye sensor for production line quality inspection of thermal processes/thermal signatures at speeds of up to 1,000 ft. per minute.

Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors are available through Mod-Tronic Instruments, a Brampton, Ont.-based representative and distributor of leading manufacturers of industrial/commercial sensors, transducers, heaters, flex circuits and instrumentation. Contact Mod-Tronic Instruments to learn more about IRt/c non-contact temperature sensors.


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