REDwire NISCO carries heaters to meet the varied needs of its customers

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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NISCO carries fresh, forced air and electric heaters.

As a leading provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) offers a wide selection of heaters for use in many environments. From fresh and forced air heaters to electric heaters, the company’s lineup is designed to meet the varied heating needs of customers in a range of industries. 

Fresh and forced air heaters

NISCO’s selection of fresh and forced air heaters includes specialty heaters from Neptronic, which can be used for commercial and industrial applications. The company can custom engineer a solution to meet its customers’ exact requirements, including redesigning and developing heaters adapted to the needs of makeup air or ventilating units, cabinet unit heaters, or process air heaters for use in ovens, autoclaves and other industrial forced-air systems used for drying, baking or heat treating.

Electric heaters

Neptronic electric duct heaters are also part of NISCO’s lineup. These heaters feature an HEC universal controller that can operate without external inputs to provide maximum heat for variable air velocity and temperature conditions. The patent-pending controller only considers convection heat and differential temperature to precisely measure air velocity. The controller also has the capability to continuously update the proportional control signal to the heater. The result is precise control of heater output in different environments.

Additional features include open coil, standard tubular and finned tubular elements; slip-in, flanged and round collar mounting; On/Off and proportional (modulating) control; and more. 

Additional information

In addition to fresh, forced air and electric heaters, NISCO carries standard and finned tubular elements, which offer mechanical resistance in demanding environments. The company also carries open coil elements, which are ideal for most standard HVAC ducted systems. 

To learn more about its selection of heating solutions, contact Northern Industrial Supply Company. The supplier has offices across Ontario to better serve its customers. 


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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