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NISCO is a one-stop shop for air handling needs.

Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) is a top supplier of high-quality and reliable air handling equipment from leading manufacturers. Its lineup of clean air axial and centrifugal fans, material handling centrifugal fans, high capacity fans, fibreglass reinforced plastic fans, humidifiers and variable frequency drives has been serving customers in a broad range of industries for nearly 30 years. For agriculture, automotive and marine sectors, as well as mining, pharmaceutical and water treatment markets — and everything in between — NISCO is a one-stop shop for air handling needs.


Many products from NISCO can be used by customers in the agriculture industry to aid in grain drying applications. Some of these products include: high pressure backward curved fans, Series 20 GI fans, compact GI fans, general purpose fans, tubeaxial fans, vaneaxial fans and the Tubular AcoustaFoil fan.


There are many applications in the auto industry that can take advantage of the reliability of products from NISCO. The company carries a wide selection of fans and blowers suitable for handling spray booth and oven exhaust, combustion air, oven recirculation and process heating applications.


When it comes to mining, fans and blowers available from NISCO are used for ventilation, dust control, pollution control and material conveying applications.


The pharmaceutical industry uses the high-quality products supplied by NISCO for forced draft, induced draft, process heating and pollution control. 

Power generation

Power generation is another industry that benefits from the use of blowers and fans. Whether used for forced or induced draft applications, pollution and dust control, cooling towers or material conveying, products available from NISCO are the ideal solution. 

Many more applications

The transportation industry uses these products for ventilation, while the water treatment market applies these solutions for odour and pollution control. The nuclear industry uses products from NISCO for ventilation and containment, while snow-making companies use these products to make snow. 

There are countless more industries and applications that benefit from the air handling solutions offered by NISCO. To learn more, contact Northern Industrial Supply Company.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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