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A torsion spring can be closed- or open-wound, and is usually designed to wind up.

Newcomb Spring is an expert when it comes to springs, offering its customers a wide range of services in addition to the manufacture of high-quality products — from design assistance when an order is first placed, to specialty packaging when it’s shipped. 

Torsion springs — used to store rotational energy or to apply torque — are one of the company’s areas of expertise. A torsion spring can be closed- or open-wound, and is usually designed to wind up. 

“It is always best to design torsion springs to wind up in use and to apply force in the direction of the wind; otherwise, unfavourable bending stresses will occur,” the company explains. “As a torsion spring deflects in the direction of the wind, the spring’s diameter will decrease and its body length will increase. In these situations, it is recommended that the torsion spring be supported on its inner diameter (I.D.) with a shaft or tube, sized so that there will be no binding as the torsion spring deflects.”

Double-torsion springs are a common type of torsion spring. They are made of a left hand component and a right hand component, which are connected at the centre. It is possible to have the two components connect at the outside edge, though this is not recommended.

With new manufacturing techniques, torsion end positions can be held to surprisingly close tolerances. Older design-free angle tolerances often do not apply. Newcomb has modern forming machinery and production techniques that allow for an infinite variety of torsion spring end shapes, including bent, hooked, twisted and looped, or any custom shape required. 

Typical material shapes and sizes for torsion springs include: .004 to two inches in wire diameter, round wire, square wire, rectangular wire and special section wire. However, Newcomb Spring can custom manufacture any torsion spring or double torsion spring to fit customer needs. 

“When specifications call for very long torsion spring legs, we recommend discussing your requirements with a Newcomb sales engineer,” the company says. “Our staff can verify manufacturing capabilities and will work to keep your production costs as low as possible.”

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